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Trouvez quelques-unes des activités les plus fantastiques à faire pendant votre séjour à Sunlight House. Jetez un coup d'œil aux suggestions que nous avons pour vous et commencez à planifier votre voyage en fonction des traditions gastronomiques et culturelles de l'Algarve.


The islands around the coast of Faro are some of the most precious treasures of our unique ecosystem, inhabited by more than 200 migratory bird species (such as flamingos) and rare exotic marine animals (such as sea horses), Visitors fall in love with them. You will also have the chance to stop at Desert Island and walk on this paradisiac landscape by yourself.

Rent all the equipment you need to have a blast in our white sand islands.

We suggest a walking tour along the Salina, where you will be able to touch and taste the salt flower (the purest  form of salt), while strolling. You'll be able to genuinely experience at first hand, the purest form of sea salt.

Portugal has had a winemaking tradition for centuries. Many of our wines, such as Port, are recognized worldwide for their unique flavors. We would like to invite you to taste some of the most exclusives Portuguese and Algarvian wines. If you're a wine lover, don't miss this unique opportunity to experience some our most exclusive flavors.

Meet one of the portuguese 7 wonders, our coast, the rocky cliffs and white sand beaches. Make sure to schedule one of these tours, as it will be something to remmember. On the Algarve coast we can find some of the best beaches in the world, awarded with the most important tourism and ecological distinctions. 

Guided boat trip, for 2 hours, through the waters of the Algarve Coast in the company of a nature expert to teach you all about the marine life in their natural habitat. This is an intense experience that is worth sharing with family and friends aboard a comfortable and safe RIB with the possibility of observing dolphins, seabirds and sea turtles.

Embrace the traditional Algarvian cousin in this amazing cooking class with the directions of a well-known Chef. This is the ultimate roots experience, preparing a Cataplana (traditional dish) and eating it, ending this moment in a fantastic flavour explosion.

For about one and a half hours visitors have the opportunity to understand the importance of the cork industry in the national context, its various components and transformation process, from drawing to finished product. 

Ria Formosa shelters one of the largest Sea Horse colony of the world. This boat trip will take you into the heart of  this colony  where you'll have the opportunity to observe these amazing sea creatures behavior, in their natural environment, while snorkeling amongst them. At the end you'll be able to enjoy the rest of the day in the deserted and beautiful beaches.

Learn all about ancient Faro's Myths and Magic in this 1h30 walking tour through the Old City

Anyone can fly in this paragliding with motor experience in the Algarvian coast. There is no age limit, for this experience.

With an expert monitor you will feel like a bird for 20min, flying around the beach, enjoying every bit of the landscape.

Experience a tours in the slope of trail running, where the running combines with the desire to explore the region.

Each tour is distributed through three of the zones that caracterize our Algarve Litoral, Barrocal and Serra, and that also identify the degree of difficulty of some ones.

Choose your favourite and come run with us.


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